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  • Lisa Haynes

Ease Move-Day Stress with These Tips

Move day are words that cause anxiety for even the most experienced movers. For many of our senior clients, who have not moved in decades, this day is accompanied by many emotions including sadness about leaving a loved home, apprehension about the new living space and worry about the moving process.

At A Bridge Forward we work closely with our clients to help minimize the move-day stress. Because we have been with many seniors on the day of their move, we know the best practices that help seniors and their families have a smooth experience. Here are our top move-day tips:

  1. Have two small boxes ready for packing last minute kitchen and personal care items that you need on the morning of the move. Label these boxes “Unpack First” and let your movers know that you will need access to them when you get to your new home.

  2. Pack a tote bag for the day. Include any important paperwork, prescriptions and checkbooks. Include some high protein snacks and a couple bottles of water.

  3. Be 100% packed and ready when the movers arrive. Once they are at your home, they will want to start loading the truck quickly. Make sure all items are cleared off of furniture, including books out of bookcases, dishes out of china cabinets, beds stripped.

  4. Clearly mark any items that are NOT being moved.

  5. Make sure that all cash, jewelry and other valuables have been stored ahead of time in a safety deposit box or are with a close friend or relative.

  6. Know where items placed will be placed in the new home. If you have a floor plan, provide that to your movers.

  7. Make sure driveways and walkways are cleared of snow or trash.

  8. Have any pets boarded or contained. Pets could be injured by a mover carrying heavy furniture or lost if they wander through open doors or gates.

  9. Have a space blocked off for the moving truck itself to park at both locations, especially if there is no driveway.

  10. Make sure to have information on any moving rules, at either location, including reserving elevators if necessary. Provide that information to your mover ahead of time. Of

We often find that an extra set of hands on move day is helpful for the client and the moving company. There typically is more last-minute packing than most people anticipate and any delays may increase the cost of the move. It also is a physically demanding day, so clients – especially seniors – should ask for help.

Good planning and family or senior manager support on move day is important in easing the stress that goes along with the move. If you would like to learn more about how a senior move manager can help, click on the link to our website:

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