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Senior Move Services:
Other services to help with your move

  • Hang your pictures:

Decorating a new home may be the enjoyable part of a move, but many clients need help with hanging artwork and pictures. Bridge Forward team members have the skill to help clients best display their artwork in their new space.

  • Connect with a real estate professional:

A Bridge Forward works with many real estate agents and is able to provide recommendations to its clients when asked, including Realtors certified to work with seniors.  

  • Coordinate with a home stager:

In some cases, a client may want to hire a home stager who will prepare their home before it is listed for sale. A Bridge Forward can provide recommendations and work alongside a stager when this becomes a part of the home sales process.

  • Provide advice and coordinate selling unwanted items:

Some clients have belongings that they would like to sell. As experts in senior moving assistance, A Bridge Forward works with clients to determine which items have the best chance of selling on the second-hand markets. There are many options including consignment shops, online resale and estate sales. Our team creates a customized plan based on the items and client preference.

  • Shred documents:
  • Coordinate storage of household items:

  • Ship items long-distance:

After many years in a home, clients often need help shredding old documents. A Bridge Forward recommends the best, most cost-effective option for a client based on the quantity and client preference.

If there are household belongings that a client wishes to place in storage, A Bridge Forward will research the options nearby, provide a recommendation and arrange for the pick-up and delivery of these items to the storage unit.

When clients have belongings they would like to have shipped to family or friends out of state, A Bridge Forward will pack and deliver them to the mailing facility.

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