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Senior Move Services:
Here's what we do during a consultation

Elderly Couple Contract

As a senior move manager, A Bridge Forward provides free consultations and encourages all prospective clients to call us and schedule this meeting. During the consultation, we come to your house to better understand your needs and then let you know what we can do to help. There is no obligation and, if nothing else, you receive a folder of information, designed specifically for senior moves, that will help you streamline the process.


If you are uncertain about whether you will need a hand when getting ready for your move, here are just some of the topics we will discuss during the consultation.

What is your targeted move date and what have you done so far to prepare?

What is the type and size of your new home?

What aspect of the move is of most concern to you?

How much help will you have from family members or friends?

Where do you think that you will most need help? These are just some of the services we offer:  

  • Right-sizing:

  • New home floor plan:

  • Dispersal of items not being moved:

Work with you on a room-by-room basis to help you decide which belongs to move.

Create a customized floor plan for your new home, helping you decide which pieces of furniture will fit.

Coordinate donations and consignment; pack up items being given to family or friends.

  • Move coordination:
  • Packing:

  • Unpacking:

Obtain price estimates, schedule, coordinate and oversee the movers.

Pack your whole house or any portion that you or family members are unable to accomplish on your own.

Complete unpacking and new home set up or unpack where you need help most, including removal of all boxes and packing materials.

Contact A Bridge Forward today so that we can learn more about your needs, explain how we can help and provide an estimate for our services. Let us worry about the details.  414-731-1608 or


“Thanks to A Bridge Forward, I had the additional help I needed when getting my Mother’s house ready to sell. The team was quick to respond, helpful, and professional. The extra set of hands was just the support I needed during this stressful time."


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