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Senior Move Services:
What to expect moving day

  • On-site moving day coordination:

For those who select this service, A Bridge Forward will have a team member at the client’s home to oversee the movers. This includes packing up all last-minute items, such as bedding, lamps, the TV and breakfast dishes. When the movers arrive, they get to work quickly so an experienced eye on the truck loading and unloading process can be beneficial.

  • Unpacking:

Arriving at a new home to stacks of boxes can be overwhelming. Because we are experts in providing senior moving assistance, A Bridge Forward team members know how to get the most important items unpacked first so its clients can be comfortable on their first night in the new space. Some clients have all boxes unpacked by the experts, while others do some of this work on their own.

  • New home organization:

Because a new home’s cabinets and closets are different and often times smaller, some careful planning and organization can help clients make the best use of their space. The Bridge Forward team will purchase any necessary organizational supplies and organize for efficiency and ease of use.

  • Set up and make your beds:

When A Bridge Forward helps on moving day, we set up and make the bed. This is a long day for most clients, and a made bed is a welcome sight. We also hang the shower curtain and make sure the coffee pot is handy for the next morning.

  • Remove boxes and packing  packing materials:

Any move leaves behind many empty boxes and stacks of packing paper. A Bridge Forward tears down the boxes, stacks and rolls the paper and removes it from your home.

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