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Senior Move Services:
Here's how we plan your move

  • Free consultation, written price quote:

  • Complete move plan:

As a company that specializes in moves for seniors, A Bridge Forward team member will meet with you at your home to understand your moving needs. Once the services have been agreed upon, you will receive a customized written proposal, including the estimated cost by service. This allows you to decide what you need most and how much to spend.

When working with clients, A Bridge Forward prepares a written plan that details the timeline for the services requested, including move preparation and rightsizing, packing, move day and unpacking.  

  • Moving checklist:

  • Best practices for labeling items:

A Bridge Forward reviews a thorough checklist with clients to make sure no detail is missed. This includes how to change an address with the postal service, who to contact  

A Bridge Forward uses a color-coded system to mark which items to keep, sell, give-away or donate. This process locks in decisions and makes it easy for all involved to see which items are going where. Although a client may still change his or her mind, too many changes can be costly.  

  • Floor Plan:

A Bridge Forward measures all pieces of furniture that a client would like to move and uses a floor planning tool to arrange the furniture in the new space. Frequently, a few adjustments are made once the furniture layout is reviewed.

  • Price quotes from moving companies:

The best moving companies book up quickly, so A Bridge Forward prioritizes getting price quotes and scheduling the mover. A list of all pieces of furniture to be moved and estimated number of boxes is provided to the moving companies for the price quote. Once the quotes have been received, A Bridge Forward makes a recommendation based on the client’s moving needs.


"I want to say again THANK YOU! for all the help and support you gave me during my recent move.  Everyone who helped with my packing was organized, well prepared and industrious. They did a great job of making sure nothing was broken during the move. 


I also truly appreciated how you helped oversee the whole picture, identifying what needed to be done, not only with packing, but offering solutions for other necessary actions, such as taking some boxes to UPS for shipment, and recommending people for junk removal and other odd jobs. 


I really cannot imagine having made this move without your help! Your company - "A Bridge Forward" - offers invaluable services for those considering moving and who would like some help from the very start!"


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