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  • Lisa Haynes

Downsizing and Moving During a Pandemic

With cold, snowy weather approaching, many people, who may have put off a move earlier in the year due to the pandemic, are now getting ready to move before winter arrives.

If a fall move is in your plans, here are some tips for downsizing and moving safely during a pandemic:

Preparing for your move

1. Buy all of your supplies at once to minimize trips to the store. has a packing calculator you can use to estimate what you will need based on the number of rooms and people in your house (Packing Calculator). If in doubt, buy extra. At A Bridge Forward we frequently need more supplies than initial projections.

2. If you plan on donating items such as clothing, linens, furniture or dishes, check with the donation site before loading up your car. Many have reopened, but several still are closed. Some have revised policies about what they will accept. If you plan to schedule a donation pickup, give yourself plenty of time. Organizations that do pick-ups are busy and it takes longer to get on their schedule.

3. If you are considering selling items through a neighborhood Facebook group or on Craigslist, plan to implement your own COVID-19 safety protocols including cleaning the item before selling it, planning for a contactless pick-up and wearing a face mask when meeting the buyer.

4. If you are using a professional moving company, ask about their coronavirus protocols. Look for companies that require employees and customers to wear masks, detail how they practice social distancing, and can explain what steps they are taking to screen and protect their employees from becoming sick.

5. Be prepared for a virtual price quote. Moving companies are offering virtual rather than in-home surveys to provide estimates.

Move Day

1. To help ensure the health and safety of all people involved in your move, make sure to keep soap and paper towels by the sink for hand washing and hand sanitizer by the doors where people will be entering and exiting. Keep frequently touched surfaces such as counter tops and door knobs clean with coronavirus approved cleaning products.

2. Wear a mask at all times when movers or other helpers are in your home.

3. Practice social distancing with moving teams.

4. Let the moving company know right away if you or anyone in your family has coronavirus symptoms or is isolating due to exposure. Transparency is important for keeping everybody safe.

If you need help downsizing, packing, unpacking or organizing after the move, contact A Bridge Forward. We provide free in-home consultations, follow strict COVID-19 safety protocols and are experts in move planning.

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