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  • Lisa Haynes

Decluttering Before a Move: One Client’s Story

A prospective client, moving to Florida this spring, followed up on a referral to A Bridge Forward. Her anxiety about the move was high. The realtor was eager to put the house on the market quickly, but there was so much to be done first. The realtor wanted the house to be clutter free, but the job seemed so big that the client didn’t know where to start.

I met with the client and we put a plan together. A three-person team from A Bridge Forward would work at her house for one full day so that it would be ready for the real estate photos the following week. The Bridge Forward team bagged up and delivered four loads to a nearby donation site. The team also bagged up and hauled household items to the curb for a special pickup. Many Milwaukee area communities offer “bulky item” pickups for a reasonable charge.

The client had planned to take some of her belongings to a nearby storage facility to declutter the house before showings. Once her house was cleared out, there was no longer a need for a storage unit, saving her time and cost.

The client’s reaction to the quick clear out: “Thanks again for today. I can’t believe how great everything looks!”

Getting a home ready to put on the market can be a stressful job, and both physically and emotionally draining. To learn more about how A Bridge Forward helps clients declutter, pack and unpack, click on the website link:

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