Senior Move Services:

Here's how we plan your move

  • Free consultation, written price quote:

  • Complete move plan:

  • Moving checklist:

  • Best practices for labeling items:
  • Floor plan:

  • Price quotes from moving companies:

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As a company that specializes in moves for seniors, A Bridge Forward team member will meet with you at your home to understand your moving needs. Once the services have been agreed upon, you will receive a customized written proposal, including the estimated cost by service. This allows you to decide what you need most and how much to spend.

When working with clients, A Bridge Forward prepares a written plan that details the timeline for the services requested, including move preparation and rightsizing, packing, move day and unpacking.  

A Bridge Forward reviews a thorough checklist with clients to make sure no detail is missed. This includes how to change an address with the postal service, who to contact  

A Bridge Forward uses a color-coded system to mark which items to keep, sell, give-away or donate. This process locks in decisions and makes it easy for all involved to see which items are going where. Although a client may still change his or her mind, too many changes can be costly.  

A Bridge Forward measures all pieces of furniture that a client would like to move and uses a floor planning tool to arrange the furniture in the new space. Frequently, a few adjustments are made once the furniture layout is reviewed.

The best moving companies book up quickly, so A Bridge Forward prioritizes getting price quotes and scheduling the mover. A list of all pieces of furniture to be moved and estimated number of boxes is provided to the moving companies for the price quote. Once the quotes have been received, A Bridge Forward makes a recommendation based on the client’s moving needs.